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Anything that saves time and money while bringing best results sounds great. And, that is exactly what PTE test does.

PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English. PTE is one of the English proficiency tests acceptable for both Student Visa and PR Visa/Migration for Australia. The test is generally divided into 4 sections: speaking, writing, reading and listening.

The exam is held on a single day and the duration of it is 2 hours 45 minutes to 3 hours, approximately. The test score is accepted by hundreds of universities across the globe, including INSEAD, Yale, and the Harvard Business School etc.The test score is also accepted for visa purposes by the Australian government.

No matter whether you are planning to study in New Zealand or Australia, you will be required to crack PTE test. A recent report states that PTE is accepted by 100 percent of New Zealand universities. Seeing the importance of the test, we are offering information about it.


PTE is a fully computer-based test. For example, during the speaking module, you will have to perform all speaking tasks using a headset. Similarly, all tasks must be typed during the writing module. The same pattern is applicable to listening and reading sections as well.
Hence, the test is beneficial for the ones who have good computer skills.

Availability of Dates

PTE exam is held on almost all days of the week. The days can be checked on the Pearson PTE website. The process of booking a date is very easy and you need not wait so long as there are a number of centers in various countries.

Quick Result Time

The result of the test is generally mailed to you within the 5 working days after the test date. Therefore, PTE is advantageous for people who are in a hurry to begin their VISA process and have little time available to them.

PTE has evolved! It’s hardly been a few years and PTE has taken a giant leap into the world of language proficiency tests. It has many positive outcomes, on the way it is being taken, on the way it is being designed. PTE is slowly, but steadily grasping the steps to success, not just for itself but also the candidate that chooses it.Mainly called PTE Academic, this language test is administered by Pearson English and is modulated by the same. With over the globe recognition, PTE guarantees the best outcome for you to choose your career or university.When it comes to PTE Academic, the ones who have been into its coaching, always come forward with bags full of advice for the candidates who are about to appear for a Pearson English test.