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Metamorphosis provides IELTS, OET, PTE training in Ludhiana. We take pride in being the best IELTS, OET, PTE and LIFE SKILLS institute in Ludhiana.

Spoken English

English is one of the most important global language having its impact in every field of work English communication is a must for career growth because it is the primary Language in the corporate world. The English speaking course in Metamorphosis offers you an environment where you can learn, speak and get fluency in it. We offer a wide range of English courses for young learners and working professionals. A modern approach to teaching, and experienced faculties are constantly working to improve the communication skills of learners. The courses are designed as per the need of learners. Some of the courses we offer are---

  1. 1.Basic or foundation course (including English grammar)
  2. 2. Advanced fluency course
  3. 3. Business English